We accompany you on your way into the cloud

The way into the cloud requires a two-pronged approach. Existing IT processes on the one hand, and applications on the other hand, must be made cloud-ready before the real work can begin. But then you can take your software development processes to the next level, enabling your development team to work much faster, more agile and more flexible, perfectly prepared for different workloads. This not only increases performance but also enables you to configure the cloud according to your current needs and to scale it flexibly at any time to meet future digital requirements.

Our name says it all. We are a Cloud Workshop whose experts skillfully combine the best of two worlds. As cloud specialists, we know exactly what is needed to create the right infrastructure for you. And as skilled craftsmen, we won’t leave you “hanging” once the consulting work is done. A hybrid cloud infrastructure forms the basis for you to achieve your digital transformation goals. Together, we design your cloud!