We catapult your infrastructure into the future

The great challenge of a structural modernization project is to ensure a smooth migration or modernization process without affecting the daily business. Customers and employees should not notice the complex processes behind the switch; for them, it is the added value that matters. The smoother the transition, the higher the acceptance of the new system and the higher the team’s willingness to learn. The basis of every modernization project for us is therefore a strategic project plan taking into account all possible eventualities so we can guarantee the ongoing operations during the changeover process.

We always start with a thorough analysis to get to know your structures, resources and budgets. Working together, we also consider any possible risks and showstoppers. A comprehensive migration plan forms the starting signal for our joint project. The cloudWerkstatt experts accompany you step by step through the migration of existing applications and systems as well as through the processes necessary to modernize your infrastructure. The goal is to ensure that functionalities and processes for daily operations are not disrupted in any phase of the project and that the focus is always on the added value for employees and customers.

For us, modernization does not mean tossing out available knowledge and completely overhauling existing structures.

Odon cloudwerkstatt

Odon | Account Manager