We get to work and support your IT team

The IT world has become so extensive and complex that companies are unable to find experts for all fields. Yet the flawless operation of systems and applications forms the basis for managing the daily business. What does this demand of your IT team? A high degree of problem-solving skills as well as extensive knowledge in all aspects of your system and application landscape. Time is money: problems must be solved swiftly and fast solutions must be found for new system requirements.

The operations experts at cloudWerkstatt can access your systems to form a real, although external, circle of experts that supports your IT team in the daily business. Our many years of in-depth experience with open source enable us to quickly identify possible solutions and provide active assistance in their implementation. This is guaranteed to keep your IT operations running and allows you to benefit from a back-up during peak times or when there is a shortage of staff. At the same time, we have made it our business to dispel any doubts on the part of your team regarding new technologies and to actively guide you in how to use the possibilities for yourself and for the company.

Our operations packages are completely geared to your needs and requirements. These range from packages with up to 24-hour support for your OpenShift environment to individual, flexible service-level agreements. Depending on the complexity, we can also support your IT team remotely.

We reach out where others retreat.

Alexander | Senior DevOps &Cloud Consultant

Ressourcenplanung cloudWerkstatt

Pool of hours

Do you want the feeling of security that comes with having access to technical support at all times?

Betriebsunterstützung cloudWerkstatt

Operational support

Are you looking for an on-site coach with the expertise and manpower to train and support your team?

External IT

Haven’t got any IT experts in-house but don’t want to do without a modern IT infrastructure and a secure system landscape?