Company according to company register: Cloudwerkstatt GmbH
Company register number: FN 408516 i
Commercial register court: Handelsgericht Wien
Registered office according to companies register: Politische Gemeinde Wien
Company address: Reisnerstraße 13/6, 1030 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 9466033

Managing Director: Ing. Markus Plank

VAT identification number: ATU68384759

Member of the “Wirtschaftskammer Österreich und Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Sparte Information und Consulting”

Regulatory authority: Magistrat der Stadt Wien

Applicable trade and professional regulations: Gewerbeordnung (trade regulations)
Access to applicable trade or professional regulations:

Business purpose: IT Consulting & Product Development

Explanation of the fundamental meaning of this medium: Information about the company’s business services and promotion of the company’s sales

Webdesign & Technical Implementation

Ameisenhaufen GmbH
Loquaiplatz 12/7
A – 1060 Wien